Bara Katra an Endangered Emblem !

Bara Katra,recent view of the once majestic beauty

Dhaka and its mesmerizing beauty impressed Lieutenant Cornell C J C Davidson of the Bengal Engineers profoundly. And he never forgot to write about Dhaka on his travel diary when he came to Dhaka in 1840. He found similarities between Dhaka and the old Lakhnow . Not the magnificence of old Dhaka, but the disappearing tendency of it is rather amazing. The urbanization has gobbled up the majestic city. Bara Katra- crested by the royal Mughal Architecture is awaiting its extinction too. The glorious past of our heritage stands in silence staring at its careless and ignorant descendants.

It is worthless to go to Agra just to take a snap of Tajmahal – an architectural beauty created by the Mughals with inertia of our respect to heritage. Dhaka has a great structure over here just after few lanes, given life by the same Mughals. It is disgraceful to talk about the great Tajmahal leaving the great Bara Katra disregarded.

O’Doyelly , once magistrate of Dhaka, who was a consummate painter as well also wrote about the Bara Katra that Bara Katra , at the heart of Dhaka is a Gorgeous, beautiful and a massive structure. He even have drawn the Bara katra , which is probably is the only image that can help to visualize those glorious days of it . Its been found from the maps by Rennel that there used to be stone where it said that the beauty of Bara Katra makes the Heaven dull. But as the capital moved to Murshidabad , the incident instigated the dark age for the Katra.

Dhaka is celebrating its 400 years as a city but why as a part of this city anyone would do hypocrisy? Why would anyone celebrate the city and on the other end erase its heritage from its heart? Newspapers, civil society, TV shows are now tired of focusing this as an issue. And here we commence the journey through the to make everyone proud of the heritage Dhaka holds in her heart and fight the adversities to sustain the hope to celebrate few more hundreds of years to bring its glorious past to its future.

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