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Dhaka can be a healthier city

It's no more a news that Dhaka is a polluted city and it has become almost inhabitable. Dwellers of Dhaka city have been living here dangerously for years now, risking themselves and their off-springs lives. But if Dhaka city's Structure Plan 1995-2015 Policy 10 and 11 are implemented then there will be more open spaces throughout the city and it can significantly reduce level of pollution in the city. A study has shown that suspended particulate matter (SPM) and ambient sulphur dioxide levels of air pollution are about 4 times and 5 times higher in Dhaka than the level allowed by Bangladesh Air Quality Standard.

Traffic Jam cost Dhaka 96b Taka

It's really bizarre to see a figure like 96Billion Taka($1.53 billion) is being wasted each your due to traffic jams in the city. Another scary fact is Dhaka is at a standstill for an average of 7.5 hours a day! If you have to sweat that much just getting to work and coming back in home then how can you do any real work?

Thank you Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

We welcome Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's serious concern and initiative to save our rivers.

Rivers are the blood lines of Dhaka city and if we want to see a Dhaka full of life then we must protect them and look after them. For decades all the rivers that encircled Dhaka city have been under unabated pollution and land grabbing.

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