Dhaka can be a healthier city

It's no more a news that Dhaka is a polluted city and it has become almost inhabitable. Dwellers of Dhaka city have been living here dangerously for years now, risking themselves and their off-springs lives. But if Dhaka city's Structure Plan 1995-2015 Policy 10 and 11 are implemented then there will be more open spaces throughout the city and it can significantly reduce level of pollution in the city. A study has shown that suspended particulate matter (SPM) and ambient sulphur dioxide levels of air pollution are about 4 times and 5 times higher in Dhaka than the level allowed by Bangladesh Air Quality Standard.

An ADB estimated around 3,850 premature deaths could be avoided had there been a reduction of SPM concentrations in Dhaka to the level of Bangladesh Air Quality Standard. Over all economic cost of such deaths and illnesses in Bangladesh, may reach $800 Million a year.

Two of the most effective ways to reduce air pollution are:
-Creating more woodland around the city and
-Increasing the number of trees in the parks and street in Dhaka.

The SPM can be captured by the leaves of evergreen tree species. Several research in US revealed that trees can remove pollution by intercepting airborne particles. In 1994, trees in New York City removed an estimated 1,821 metric tons of air pollution at an estimated value to society of $ 9.5 million. Another study has found that woodland in Nottingham was estimated to have reduced concentrations of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air by 4-5%.It is also widely known that all vegetation absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and purify the air.

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