Traffic Jam cost Dhaka 96b Taka

It's really bizarre to see a figure like 96Billion Taka($1.53 billion) is being wasted each your due to traffic jams in the city. Another scary fact is Dhaka is at a standstill for an average of 7.5 hours a day! If you have to sweat that much just getting to work and coming back in home then how can you do any real work?

Dhaka city traffic Jam

Bangladesh is in serious trouble unless it sort this traffic jam problem out urgently. One solution could be, to move the administration outside the city and thus creating another town near by. A more bold solution could be to move the entire capital somewhere else and that city will be built with proper Master plan.

One of the preconditions of rapid economic progress is to have uninterrupted communication facilities in the country. If Bangladesh want to see itself in the league of Malaysia or similar economies then there is no alternative to building world class roads and highways.

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