Revolutionising Dhaka's traffic systems

Dhaka city has lots of bright sides as well as some really intolerable features. Traffic Jam is the single most kill joy in the city that is virtually crippling peoples mobility and as a result, millions of working hours are being lost in commuting in Dhaka. It has been happening for years and sadly on everyday basis.

Since November we have seen quite a few initiatives from the Dhaka Metro Politan Police(DMP) to bring the city's traffic system into order. They have introduced Automated Traffic Signal systems in the city as well as experimenting with different lanes for different vehicles.

Strict application of traffic rules are vital to maintain a smooth traffic system in any big and busy city like Dhaka. We are really happy to see that DMP has started an awareness programme as part of this process to make people obeyed the rules. From December 8 a driver failing to comply with any signal will be fined Tk 1,000 and their driving license will be revoked for three months.

In order to have a smooth city transportation system we think Dhaka City Corporation should consider expanding its public transport fleet-buses and double deckers. It has been proved very profitable in cities like London and Moscow. As Dhaka has introduced lane system, it should also consider allocating a tiny lane for Bicycles and it should launch a campaign to make it popular. If people start using bicycle for commuting short distances, this can hugely reduce pressure on buses, taxies and rickshaws. Besides this, cycling is good for environment as well as it can keep the city dwellers fit. Transport of London has been trying to make cycling popular for years in London.

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