EU film festival begins in Dhaka

A European Union (EU) film festival will take place in Dhaka at the Star Cineplex in Bashundhara City Shopping Mall. The festival starts on 19 May and ends on 4 June 2013. Films from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands will be screened during the festival, said a EU press release.

RAJUK's detailed area plan gazetted

Bangladesh government has gazetted the much talked-about Detailed Area Plan for Dhaka city. Six years ago the project was initiated by RAJUK (Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkh). The gazette notification has been issued under section 73 of the Town Improvement Act, 1953 encompassing 590 square miles under the master plan of DAP(Detailed Area Plan) for Dhaka Metropolitan Development Plan (DMDP) under the jurisdiction of RAJUK.

Jamdani: story of a Bengali obsession and pride

Aarong has organised a month long Jamdani exhibition called "Story of Pride" at Shilpakala Academy. Jamdani is one of the very few fine textiles and heritage that has been around throughout the century and still holds the same significance that it had during the great Mughals.

Revolutionising Dhaka's traffic systems

Dhaka city has lots of bright sides as well as some really intolerable features. Traffic Jam is the single most kill joy in the city that is virtually crippling peoples mobility and as a result, millions of working hours are being lost in commuting in Dhaka. It has been happening for years and sadly on everyday basis.

Dhaka can be a healthier city

It's no more a news that Dhaka is a polluted city and it has become almost inhabitable. Dwellers of Dhaka city have been living here dangerously for years now, risking themselves and their off-springs lives. But if Dhaka city's Structure Plan 1995-2015 Policy 10 and 11 are implemented then there will be more open spaces throughout the city and it can significantly reduce level of pollution in the city. A study has shown that suspended particulate matter (SPM) and ambient sulphur dioxide levels of air pollution are about 4 times and 5 times higher in Dhaka than the level allowed by Bangladesh Air Quality Standard.

Bara Katra an Endangered Emblem !

Dhaka with its mesmerizing beauty has impressed people around the globe. Many took the opportunity to write down about those glorious days in their travel Diaries. Among them Lieutenant Cornell C J C Davidson of the Bengal Engineers, in way can be ignored The magnificence of the Bara Katra is so vivid in his description that it is now an obligation to find how the Bara Katra is surviving today.

Traffic Jam cost Dhaka 96b Taka

It's really bizarre to see a figure like 96Billion Taka($1.53 billion) is being wasted each your due to traffic jams in the city. Another scary fact is Dhaka is at a standstill for an average of 7.5 hours a day! If you have to sweat that much just getting to work and coming back in home then how can you do any real work?

Dhaka, fastest growing city in the world

By 2025, the U.N. predicts Dhaka will be home to more than 20 million people -- larger than Mexico City, Beijing or Shanghai.

Among these megacities, The World Bank says Dhaka, with its current population of 15 million people, bears the distinction of being the fastest-growing in the world [3]. Between 1990 and 2005, the city doubled in size -- from 6 to 12 million. By 2025, the U.N. predicts Dhaka will be home to more than 20 million people -- larger than Mexico City, Beijing or Shanghai.

Suddenly it feels safe to cross the road in Dhaka

The City went out of control. And it was so visible on the roads of Dhaka. The heat of the burning sun nearly roasted the road traffic police but they keep up their hope that things will change soon. No traffic rules seemed to be there in existence. Good news is now people feel confident to cross the road as they know there is a traffic law in order. Whatever you drive you break a single rule you'll instantly receive your gift.

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