Dhaka- An amazing story retold

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As Bangladesh holds color and music in it’s heart one will find fairs of different sizes, occasions and themes in different areas of the country where color meet the music with amazing mystery and meaning. Greater Dhaka has its very own historical fairs just a few miles away from any residential area. It’s only a matter of knowing the history and time when they take place . Through Dhakatown.net our endeavor would be to let you be an integral part of Dhaka and so let Dhaka be a part of you. If you want to find the nearest heritage fair or a place where you can find genuine people working hard to uphold the spirit of Dhaka through their lifestyle then this is the story for you that is being retold.


150 years old Dhupkhula Mela

On the Eastern side of Dholai Khal, one will find this massive 150 years old heritage fair. The laundry people used to dry their clothes in that field and so the name came to the public. This Boishakhi mela was dated during the end of 18the century when Dinnath Sen established the Gendaria . They used to have boat race and that usd to be the main occasion of the fair. East End Club is till the main organizer of the fair. One can get huge Bengali wheels like London Eye, Doll dances, Death holes and various other games and heritage items to decorate your home.

100 years old Naura Mela

On the eastern side of Balu river at Naura Village of Kayetpara Union of Rupgang thana one will find this century old heritage fair. The mela is mainly organized by local Hindus. Beside the toys , furnitures, cosmetics , ornaments , clay pots and other stuff you can also enjoy religious songs during the night. This mela goes on for two days – first and second of Baishak.

Sonargaon Baishakhi Mela

Just an hour by Bus from Dhaka and you will be at Sonargaon Folk and Craft industry Meuseum. It was established by the famous Bengali painter Jainul Abedin. This two days long mela will have a range of items crafted by the people around the country. It has got one of the biggest markets of “JAMDANI” –the world famous textile which can only be produced near the river Shitalakha. You will also find wooden sculptures, dolls, dining set, clat pots, Ornaments made of shells of coconuts, mother of pearls, beads, seeds. Stuff made from bamboo as well as various old Bengali musical instruments.

There are two museums for you to get the taste of rich culture of Dhaka. The environment is very welcoming with lots of greeneries around . If you can not control yourself from having a mango straight away from the tree than do not let anything hold you back. For a perfect Baishakhi mela this is the perfect place.


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